NBA Season 2020-21 Streams

Watching your favorite Sports can sometimes be frustrating due to payment costs and the right Platform. We have compiled a list of official broadcasters to assist you in selecting the right way to watch NBA season 2020-21. Below in the article you can find both the Free and Paid methods to watch National Basketball Association. However, note that free method is for short term only which includes the free trials of streaming Platforms.

NBA online Streaming Platforms

The online Streaming platforms offering NBA season live with free trials are as following :

PlatformMonthly FeeFree Trial Period
Youtube Tv65$14 days
Fubo TV65$7 days
Hulu TV65$7 days
Sling30$3 Days

These streaming services are for US residents. By subscribing to the streaming services one by one you can be able to watch NBA free for a short time and remember to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends if you don’t want to continue with a particular Streaming Platform.

How to watch NBA live Worldwide

NBA League pass provides the worldwide Streaming service for NBA. It offers a free trial period of 7 days as well. So the people in Asia and non-Us countries can use NBA League Pass services to watch the NBA live. For more details regarding the Subscription, plans visit the NBA League Pass website.

Please do remember that NBA games are divided as In market and Out of Market games. Before selecting any Streaming Provider make sure to see are they offering both type of games are only one.

NBA Live on Youtube TV

Youtube started the streaming of NBA match in United States only as of now. Users have to pay 65$ each month to buy the subscription. By using this service not only you can NBA live matches but also several shows like:

  1. NBA Game Time
  2. Dunk Contest
  3. Hollywood Classics
  4. Open Court

Youtube TV channel line Up Includes the following Channels:

  1. ABC
  2. TNT
  3. NBC Sport
  4. NBA TV
  5. ESPN

So it includes the majority of the Channels broadcasting NBA. In addition fans can also add NBA League Pass add on for 29$ per month. Youtube TV offers you to watch most of Out Of Market as well as local Market games

Most Affordable NBA Streaming Provider

In our point of View Sling Tv is the most affordable of all starting at 30$ per month with a free trial as well. You can check more details on Sling Tv website. The ideal way is to start with Sling Orange Package which Includes TNT and ESPN by paying 30$ per month. If you want to add NBA TV then you can add Sports Extra Package as well. There is option to add League or Team pass additionally as well.

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